Jay Parshuram Security Service
Jay ParshuRam Jay Parsuram
Our Specialised services include finding out confidential information about individual and organisations obtained through reliable and discreet channels, labour instigations/ causes of labour problems, relief from blackmail, character reports and business surveys (competitive strength, solvency etc.), pre-marital and background investigations as well as post-marital cases, evidence for divorce cases (documents, photographs, tape-recordings, eyewitnesses etc.), stationary and mobile surveillance of persons and sites/locations, under covering the identity of imposters i.e.
We specialise in Safeguarding large Residential Colonies/ Multi-storeyed Buildings / Factories/ Banks/ Call Centres/ Malls/ Chain of Departmental Stores/ Theatres/ Hospitals/ Educational Institutions. Jay Parshuram

Not only we are handling security to organization, our guard telented work force can provide special security necessary and specific security requirement following services offered by JPS :

Jay Parshuram Security Services Include:
  • • Security Guard:

    •  Round the clock duty at government, semi goevernment,     organnization and private place.

    • Event Security:

    •  Relions events like Katha, Bhagvat, Rmayan Etc.

    •  procession control, seminars delegates security, stage     programs etc..

    • Commercial Establishment security:

    • Personal Body Guard.

    • Cash and valueable property Guard.

    • Residental Guarding Security Service

    • Industrial Guarding Security Service

    • Boad Guard / EsCorts Security Service

    • Cash Van Security Services

    • Insurance investigation Security Service

    • Mob Control Security Service.

    • Detective and security service

    • Armed security service

    • Security service at exhibitions

    • Industrial security service

    • Parking lot security

    • Personal security officers

    • Media security service

    • Corporate security service

    • Security service at hospitals

    • Security service at IT companies

    • VIP security service

    • Labour security service

    • Commando security service

    • Warehouse security service

    • Domestic security service

    • Bank security service

    • Hotels & Mall security services

    • Unarmed security service

    • Security service at factory

    • Office security service

    • Patrolling security service

    • Security service for marriage

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